Fuel Pricing

Avgas - $4.35
Jet A w/Additive - $4.35

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FBO Customer Support

Whether you taxi into Eagles of America for business, pleasure, quail hunting or any maintenance service, our Line Service Technicians are the first pros you will meet.  All Eagles of America Line Service Technicians are certified by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Safety 1st in-depth training program.  In addition, our own extensive training program exceeds NATA requirements in the safety and care of your aircraft.

Eagles of America is located in the heart of the Southern Belt with its beautiful plantations stretched across South Georgia.  Albany is known for its quail hunting.  Its majestic oak tree lined roads, rivers to kayak, and beautiful weather make it a "Unique Southern Experience".

See What People Are Saying

"This FBO is the true definition of southern hospitality.  Very friendly staff.  If you are staying overnight and top off your tanks, they will put you in a hangar.  First rate service!"

Ben Singer